5 Delicious Aubergine Dips From Around The World

5 Delicious Aubergine Dips From Around The World

Aubergine, also known as eggplant, is a versatile vegetable that lends itself to delicious dips and spreads from various cuisines around the world. Each culture adds its unique twist to the dip, resulting in a diverse range of flavours and textures. 

Whether you're enjoying a classic baba ganoush or a traditional melitzanosalata, aubergine dips are sure to delight your taste buds.

Making a dip from scratch, you have control over the quality and freshness of each ingredient and can adjust the flavour to your liking. You also get to choose your favourite extra virgin olive oil and incorporate it in the recipe from start to finish. A great way to make your homemade dip truly special and personalised to your taste.

1. Traditional Greek Eggplant Dip (Melitzanosalata)

Melitzanosalata is a Greek aubergine dip that's beloved for its mouthwatering qualities. Wholesome and satisfying it's well-suited for a variety of occasions, whether you're hosting a gathering or simply indulging in a tasty snack.

The red onion in this recipe adds a refreshing crunch, whilst the cumin adds depth to the dish and enhances the flavour.

When I visit Greece I love to order melitzanosalata as a starter served with fresh bread or as a side dish to accompany my meal. The smoky taste of the aubergine, especially when roasted over open fire is so incredibly moorish!

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2. Lebanese Baba Ganoush 

Lebanese baba ganoush is a regional variation of the classic Middle Eastern aubergine dip. The smoky notes from roasted aubergine, the nuttiness of tahini, the zesty kick from the lemon juice, and the silkiness of olive oil create a delightful blend of enticing flavours.

I love how simple yet scrumptious this particular recipe is. Made with only four ingredients, its simplicity allows for each ingredient to shine through. 

I personally like to use 9 Ultra Premium EVOO for baba ganoush, as it's delicate and mild and helps to maintain a harmonious balance of flavours without any one ingredient overpowering the others. 

It pairs wonderfully with falafel, kebabs, or simply enjoyed as a spread! 

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3. Zaalouk (Moroccan)

A traditional Moroccan dip that is popular throughout North Africa.

I only recently discovered zaalouk and love the addition of aromatic spices and tomatoes which sets it apart from other aubergine dips. The tomatoes introduce a natural sweetness and acidity which brightens the dip and provides a pleasant contrast.

It can be enjoyed as a dip, condiment in wraps or side dish alongside grilled meats, tagines or couscous dishes. 

4.  Ikra (Russian/Ukranian)

Ikra, often referred to as "aubergine caviar" is a popular Russian/Ukrainian dip with aubergine as the key ingredient.

The term "caviar" does not refer to fish roe but rather serves as a descriptor that conveys the idea of a finely textured dip.

It's vegan-friendly and can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, including served as a dip, a side dish or even mixed into other dishes such as pasta or rice, to add a burst of flavour. 

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5. Baingan Bharta (Indian)

Baingan bharta has a way of converting even those who might initially be hesitant about aubergine. The smoky flavour, combined with the aromatic spices and mashed aubergine can win over even the most skeptical palates. 

A classic example of how the right preparation and seasoning can transform an ingredient and make it incredibly appealing. 

This recipe is another vegan-friendly dish. It can be served over a bed of rice, as a side dish or it pairs wonderfully with naan or even pita bread. 

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