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9 Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

9 Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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A product of love and passion, 9 stands for the nine agricultural cooperatives involved in the production of this olive oil. 

This mild intensity extra virgin olive oil, has the most delicate flavour profile from our curated selection of extra virgin olive oils. With gentle flavour notes of fresh green herbs and a fruity aroma. 

It is particularly suitable for dishes where you want to let the natural tastes of your ingredients shine through. This extra virgin olive oil adds a subtle richness without overpowering your dish. 

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Product Details

Single-origin: Laconia, Greece

PGI stands for Protected Geographical Indication. This certification indicates the extra virgin olive oil is produced in a specific geographical area and provides consumers with assurance regarding the origin and quality of the product they purhase.

Monovarietal: Koroneiki

Koroneiki is an olive variety native to Greece and predominantly cultivated in the southern Peloponnese region. It is renowned for its robust flavour profile and characterised by its fruity, herbal and peppery notes.

Acidity: <0.2%

Acidity is one of the key parameters used to assess the quality of extra virgin olive oil. By definition extra virgin olive oil must have a free fatty acid level of below 0.8%. Lower acidity levels usually indicate careful handling and processing, and adherence to strict quality standards throughout production.

Harvest Date: Autumn 2022

For optimal flavour, aroma and nutritional benefits, olive oil should be consumed within two years from the time of harvest. Harvest seasons vary: in the Northern Hemisphere, it typically runs from October through January, while in the Southern Hemisphere, it's usually from April through July.

Packaging: Dark glass bottle (500ml)

The best packaging for extra virgin olive oil is either dark glass bottles or tin containers. This helps to protect the oil from light exposure, and preserve its freshness and flavour for longer. Upon purchase, store in a cool, dark place, away from heat sources and direct sunlight.

  • Roasted / Grilled / Steamed Veg

  • Grilled / Broiled Fish

  • Leafy Green / Garden Salads

  • Frying

  • Cooking

  • Dipping

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