7 Delectable Olive Oil Cake Recipes

7 Delectable Olive Oil Cake Recipes

In the Mediterranean, the flavours and qualities of olive oil are celebrated and often incorporated into a variety of delicious sweet treats like olive oil cakes. In recent years, there's been a surge in popularity likely due to culinary trends favouring healthier baking alternatives and traditional cooking techniques. 

Olive oil cakes are a delightful twist on more classic cake recipes. The inclusion of olive oil not only adds a unique taste but also contributes to a velvety texture that is both indulgent and satisfying. Owing to their simple ingredients and balanced sweetness, I find that most olive oil cakes are wonderfully suited for enjoying as a breakfast treat or as a pick-me-up with a cup of coffee.

It's generally recommended to use a milder and fruitier extra virgin olive oil for baking. While extra virgin olive oils with more peppery notes are prized for their robust flavour in savoury dishes, they can sometimes overpower the delicate flavours of certain sweet recipes like cakes. From our selection, 9 Ultra Premium or Phileos Extra Virgin Olive Oil would be best suited. In any case, be sure to choose a high-quality extra virgin olive oil that you would also enjoy on its own, perhaps for dipping bread, to ensure the best flavour in your cakes. 

1. Lemon Olive Oil Cake

This lemon cake is so delicate and fluffy, easily ranking as one of my favourites on this list. 

The optional lemon soak at the end adds an extra layer of moisture and a refreshing tang that elevates the overall taste. The bright and citrusy notes from the lemon offset the sweetness, which leaves you craving for more. Be sure to try this one!

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2. Chocolate Olive Oil Cake

The combination of chocolate and olive oil, imparts a wonderfully tender and moist texture. Using olive oil in lieu of butter results in a lighter and airier cake, making it beautifully rich yet surprisingly light.

The subtle hint of coffee in this recipe enhances the richness of the chocolate flavour. A decadent treat that is truly irresistible to chocolate lovers and those seeking a sophisticated twist on a classic dessert. 

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3. Orange Olive Oil Cake

The fresh zest and juice of the oranges infuse the cake with a vibrant aroma and fresh flavour. 

A simple and hassle-free recipe, that is convenient to prepare for any occasion and is sure to please any crowd. If entertaining friends and family, pair with vanilla ice-cream for an extra touch of indulgence. 

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4. Hazelnut Olive Oil Cake 

This one is certainly a show-stopper and unlike the other olive oil cakes, it boasts a luxurious and dessert-like quality to it that sets it apart.

This recipe substitutes hazelnut meal for flour, resulting in a fudge-like centre with a delicate crisp exterior. The rich hazelnut flavour takes centre stage in this cake, making it the dominant and most pronounced taste. So, if you're a fan of nuttiness, you'll absolutely adore this indulgent treat!

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5. Olive Oil Rosemary Cake

A harmonious blend of savoury and sweet notes, whilst the rosemary infuses the cake with a lovely fragrant aroma.

Perfect for those who enjoy experimenting with unconventional flavour combinations and those with more adventurous palates. However, don't be deterred, as the flavour of the rosemary is subtle and not overpowering. 

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6. Apple Olive Oil Cake 

Baked apples evoke such a sense of warmth and comfort with their tender texture and sweet, caramelised flavour, rendering this recipe a must-try.

This cake is entirely dairy-free and egg-free, making it suitable for those with dietary restrictions or preferences, without sacrificing taste or texture. The result is a moist and flavourful cake that rivals its conventional counterparts.

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7. Pear Olive Oil Cake

Finally, we have another simple and easy olive oil cake recipe, featuring pockets of tender pear nestled amidst the moist and crumbly cake. While pear may not be as common as other fruits in desserts, their subtle sweet and floral notes makes them stand out. 

Having this delicious cake on hand adds a touch of warmth and sweetness to any occasion, and is a perfect homemade treat to share with loved ones. 

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