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Phileos of Sparta

Organic Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Organic Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Produced from certified organic olive groves, this robust intensity extra virgin olive oil boasts a distinctive fruity aroma, piquant flavour and slight peppery aftertaste, with hints of bitterness.

Its pungent flavour profile is attributed to the high presence of phenolic compounds, which are known for their antioxidant properties.

Early harvest means the olives are harvested early in the season and earlier than their ripened state, offering a uniquely fresh flavour.

Unripened olives have a higher concentration of polyphenols, and yield less oil per kg than more mature olives, and is therefore produced in limited quantities.  

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Product Details

Single-origin: Laconia, Greece

PGI stands for Protected Geographical Indication. This certification indicates the extra virgin olive oil is produced in a specific geographical area and provides consumers with assurance regarding the origin and quality of the product they purhase.

Varietals: Koroneiki & Athinolia

Koroneiki is an olive variety native to Greece and predominantly cultivated in the southern Peloponnese region. It is renowned for its robust flavour profile and characterised by its fruity, herbal and peppery notes.

Athinolia is a Greek olive cultivar renowned for its mild flavour profile, distinguished by its smooth texture, subtle fruity and grassy notes, and delicate peppery finish.

Acidity: 0.21%

Acidity is one of the key parameters used to assess the quality of extra virgin olive oil. By definition extra virgin olive oil must have a free fatty acid level of below 0.8%. Lower acidity levels usually indicate careful handling and processing, and adherence to strict quality standards throughout production.

High Phenolic Certified

Certified under Regulation 432/2012, this extra virgin olive oil boasts a rich concentration of natural phenolic compounds, renowned for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Harvest Date: Autumn 2023

For optimal flavour, aroma and nutritional benefits, olive oil should be consumed within two years from the time of harvest. Harvest seasons vary: in the Northern Hemisphere, it typically runs from October through January, while in the Southern Hemisphere, it's usually from April through July.

Packaging: Dark glass bottle (500ml)

The best packaging for extra virgin olive oil is either dark glass bottles or tin containers. This helps to protect the oil from light exposure, and preserve its freshness and flavour for longer. Upon purchase, store in a cool, dark place, away from heat sources and direct sunlight.

  • Roasted / Grilled / Steamed Veg

  • Grilled / Broiled Fish

  • Leafy Green / Garden Salads

  • Frying

  • Cooking

  • Dipping

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